March Of The Zombie Bunnies

March Of The Zombie Bunnies

Easter greetings to all!

Excuse the late blog post; Stormseye HQ has been total chaos for the last few weeks, due to several rogue viruses, a bit of financial bedlam and a broken van.

The good news is, despite being trapped in a plague-ridden household, I've managed to finish several new designs, most of which are madder than a March hare. 

If you think about it, Easter is quite barmy... religious connotations aside, there’s allegedly a rabbit running around at this time of year, laying chocolate eggs. In which plain of existence does this make sense? If I started celebrating a magical giraffe who wanders all over the western world spawning foil wrapped chocolate sparrows for children to eat, I would be swiftly relocated to somewhere with extremely comfy walls. But hey, chocolate rabbit eggs? Totally normal :)

Anyhoo, it’s March - and with March comes the promise of spring, fresh growth and new life. The dark months are nearly behind us, apparently. Someone should really tell the Scottish weather.

I'm hopeful that the relentless rain (and occasional snow) will eventually pass, so now is the time to invest in some more bright and hilarious Stormseye summer wear; be it T-shirts, hoodies or a large fluffy sofa throw. (What? blankets are considered clothing in Scotland.)

Welcome to Spring!

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