Viking Frogs, Northern Lights & The Missing MBE

Viking Frogs, Northern Lights & The Missing MBE

So May is upon us, and as many of you will have seen, this month I turned 50! 
I received my obligatory half telegram from the King (it was the back half, so just a blank card) but unfortunately I have not yet received my MBE for services to frog based art work. I'm certain it's in the mail. Did you see Froggin the Frogg? If that's not a piece of MBE worthy viking amphibian art then I don't know what is.

It's all busy busy here at Stormseye HQ! I have a huge list of art and web stuff to get done, but I'm aware that hitting the ground running when I'm 'well' enough and then hitting it face first a few days later is not doing me any good, so I'm currently attempting to pace myself better.

Summer is well and truly on its way here in NE Scotland, the world is full of growth and colour, and we haven't had sideways rain for over a week! Even the night sky has been celebrating, with AMAZING blasts of Aurora that have left us all a little in awe. We do have more rain forecast this week, but it's definitely getting warmer here - T-shirt season is coming!

Oh, that reminds me - if you need a few weird and wonderful new shirts, look no further than little old me! (Oh God; I just realised I'm 5'2" and 50 years old - that phrase is now uncomfortably accurate).

Remember to check in at regularly - new designs go up most weeks. I'm testing out new all over print canvas shoes and tote bags at the moment; they're pretty special! I may or may not have ordered some for me... :P

Enjoy the sunshine while you can peeps!

Love, Storm

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