News from Stormseye HQ: Enough with the rain already!

News from Stormseye HQ: Enough with the rain already!

Oh my word, look at the time, it’s November already...

Yes folks, the colder months are now with us here in Scotland - storms, rain, snow and wind... lovely. Time to stock up on some of my cosy hoodies

Actually, given the sheer quantity of rain that we’ve seen recently, I should probably start a range of wetsuits for everyday apparel, and maybe some nice designer flippers. Glug.

This week, Hubby has accidentally joined me in the screwed up spine club, and is hobbling about in a crippled fashion swearing a lot. We're hoping he will be on the mend and upright again soon, because if not, neither of us will be able to reach the crisps on top of the cupboard. 

The dogs, (who you might remember were threatening strike action) have upped their game... they've formed a union with some of the local wildlife and decreed that, until the weather improves, they’re just not prepared to animal in the slightest. Luka seems to have taken the position of chief negotiator, bringing to the table over a decade of experience in being a dog, while Vega has taken a more background role, supplying fresh balls and checking food rations are up to spec. She is also now a spokesdog for the smaller animals, extolling the virtues of equal rights for hedgehogs, guinea pig lives matter and the like. I suspect her enthusiasm will fizzle out when she realises none of them are big enough to throw balls for her.

AND FINALLY - my website -, is completely up and running now, and is ticking along nicely. I shall be slowly phasing out my Etsy presence over the coming months.

If you currently follow my Etsy shop and would like to continue seeing the new designs when they go up, now is the time to sign up for the new store emails! (You won't be bombarded, I only manage to finish about 1 a week :P)

Until next time, weirdos!


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