Meet The Artist

Hi, I'm Stormseye; I'm an artist in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

I've designed everything from stage props to album covers over the years, but these days I work for myself and I draw what I like, which is anything weird and wonderful. From dragons and fairies to hexy witches and ADHD squirrels, my hyperactive brain is forever coming up with stuff - the hard part is not working on four drawings at a time.

All my designs are originals; hand drawn in Procreate, then professionally printed on to quality products and shipped out to customers worldwide. You won't find any copyright infringement here, I've had enough of my own art stolen to have a major aversion to that. (My designs are only available from me, but several have been stolen by scam companies, so please be careful and don't get scammed). 

I work from home, (the alleged 'upside' to being disabled / too weird for proper employment) so I spend my days drawing and managing what my partner laughingly calls my 'online empire'. I also drink far too much tea, and if I'm honest, I'm rarely out of my pyjamas. 

If you like what I do (the art, not the lolling about in pyjamas), please tell your friends about me, and buy something! You'll be helping support an independent artist, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Love, Em x

Picture of Em from Stormseye design