Nice Weather For Frogs...

Nice Weather For Frogs...

So storm Babet has been battering us for three days now, and you’d think with a name like Stormseye Design I’d be thrilled lol. High winds and lashings of sideways rain to gently ease us into the coming Scottish winter, hoorah! Seriously though, there’s never been a better excuse to stay well and truly inside and beaver away at my latest designs. Currently on the slab is a brand new Frog based design and another D&D inspired artwork which I’ll preview in the coming days. 

All that said, looking out of my window right now I may decide to start a T-shirt range inspired by flying wheelie bins and mother nature's insistence that I accept the thoughtful gift of a mangled air-borne trampoline. 

The dogs have announced that until they get better weather and conditions, they’re going on strike, and I can’t blame them to be fair. Luka nearly got blown clear out of the garden this morning, and Vega got so wet she’s put in a written request for SCUBA gear before her next outing. Don't even ask what the cat did, let's just say he clearly didn't want to go outside in the rain, so he chose to conduct all his daily business in the nice warm living room. He's a dick.

Stay safe out there folks, 


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