'Spring is coming!' as Ned Stark clearly never said.

'Spring is coming!' as Ned Stark clearly never said.

Love is in the air…everywhere I look around… or in my case, love is either in the living room, in the way while I’m trying to make the dinner, or under my feet constantly.

Yesterday was Valentines day, (guess who forgot to post the blog yesterday) and it was also our 28th anniversary! Geoff is currently trying to convince me to officially change the date of that, as Feb 14th falls smack in the middle of Chinese New Year, so the local takeaway is always closed. It makes pigging out on an anniversary Chinese a bit tricky. 

Things here have been quiet and peaceful here of late. The dogs have been in 'sod that' mode for weeks; mainly due to the weather continually flipping back and forth between bloody freezing and torrential rain. The cat is still deluded - he's turned down a position as head of worldwide business development at Microsoft. He claims the healthcare package wasn't suitable for a 17 year old feline with dental trauma, but we all know it was the realisation that he wouldn't be allowed to stuff his face 24/7 that pushed him over the edge. (cat pun, boom!)

Anyhoo, Off I go to create more wonders for your delectation, keep an eye on the store for new designs appearing alongside your old favourites. I'm currently working on new all-over-print hoodies, they're seriously cool!

Hugs to all x



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