Stormseye Design has been marked safe from the Winter Blues!

Stormseye Design has been marked safe from the Winter Blues!

That’s right folks, no doldrums here, just weird, wild and wonderful artworks designed to bring the warmest of smiles directly into your life.

As you've all made it through the darkest months of the year, survived the Christmas dining table wars and manoeuvred stealthy through the minefield that is the RELATIVES and their incendiary opinions, now is the time to reward yourself with that quirky hoodie or amusing tee that will restore the most zen like attributes of your existence. Or, if you're REALLY exhausted from all that smiling through gritted teeth, you could wrap yourself in one of my fluffy 6 ft sofa throw blankets and pretend to be a taco until they all leave you alone.

Oh yes. My mad designs now come with added fluff :) You're welcome. 

Christmas here was a quiet affair, although it’s hard to see why, when me and hubby both have bad backs and can’t get up from the sofa without groaning like a pair of stuck whales on a sandbar. Add to that the vast amount of food consumed (which in all honesty was not as vast as usual due to food costing the same as your average Ferrari) and I’m genuinely surprised I’ve not just set up permanent camp in my sofa fort!

The dogs have just about dried out following last month’s biblical amount of rain, just in time for this month's more of the same... so that's nice. As for the cat, he's considering changing his business model, as small boats seem contentious in the current climate - he intends to start producing warm, dry cat shelters with 'people flaps', allowing for the coming and going of 'those who bring food'. I've told him those are just HOUSES, but he won't listen. Cats always think they know best.

So - once more unto the breach my friends, as we brace ourselves for the headlong dive into the coming year. May your 2024 be amazing, joyous and utterly filled with love, and of course fantastic apparel, which I shall endeavour to provide for you with my usual mad, bad and slightly unhinged style.

Happy New Year all xx

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