Jeeves! Fetch me my snorkel!

Jeeves! Fetch me my snorkel!

So here we are in April, the month best known for showers, because you know we need some more of those! Not as it matters anyway, as thanks to Easter, I’m so stuffed full of chocolate I’ll probably not move again for the next 3 months…

Things here in Stormseye HQ have been quiet of late, the elderly Captain Cat Face is doing well on his thyroid meds and has turned into what can only be described as ‘a better version of himself’, although given his starting point, it wasn’t hard! The dogs are slowly waking up from their hibernation, stretching their little leggies and getting ready for another summer of tramping through the woods and barking at anything that gets in their way. Vega is very good at this, she hones her skill set throughout the winter by hiding behind the garden gate and unleashing an explosive volley of noise on any unsuspecting passing neighbours, much to many people’s displeasure.

The vernal equinox has passed, the clocks have gone forward (physically, but not yet in my head, I’m still an hour behind the world) and spring is truly upon us, as one can tell by the continuous downpours. This morning it was so nice outside, it actually got darker once morning started!

So, with the outside world slowly sinking, the plants gleefully drowning in the deluge and most sensible wildlife still sheltering in it’s winter retreat, I can only assume the world wants me to stay inside and draw more designs, and who am I to refuse? :D

Damp hugs to all x



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